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Get Started with Community Health Access Program

Welcome to Kaiser Permanente’s Community Health Access Program. You are enrolled in the Kaiser Permanente Gold 0/20 HMO health plan for your health coverage. This covers preventive care, medication, vision services, limited dental coverage and more. To make things easier, many of our locations have lab, X-ray, and pharmacy services all in one place. And if you can’t come in during the day, some facilities offer evening and weekend hours. Learn more about the facilities in your area here.

Take action: If you are new to Kaiser Permanente and/or the Community Health Access Program, click here to learn more about Kaiser Permanente and get the most out of your health care benefits.

Benefits: For full benefit details, visit the Community Health Access Program Benefits page.

Monthly Payment: There is no monthly payment required. Kaiser Permanente will subsidize the full monthly premium.  There are low or no costs for most covered services at Kaiser Permanente facilities.

Act for a Family Member

If you have your own member account, you can help certain family members with their health care by making appointments, looking over most of their test results, emailing their doctor, and more. For more information, go to Act for a Family Member.

If you do not have a member account and would like to act on behalf of someone who is a Kaiser Permanente member, you can set up a non-member caregiver account. Set up your account here.

Add a Family Member

Kaiser Permanente CHAP members who want to add an eligible family member to their existing account should use the Account Change FormMaryland | Virginia

Important documents

Summary of Benefits and Coverage — select Maryland or Virginia, then choose the Gold 0/20 HMO plan under Plans Offered by Kaiser Permanente. This provides a summary of what is covered and what it costs.

Combined Membership Agreement, Disclosure Form, and Evidence of CoverageMaryland | Virginia — provides detailed information about covered benefits and services not covered.

Note: These documents show copayments for services under the Kaiser Permanente Gold 0/20 – HMO plan, but membership in the Community Health Access Program includes financial assistance. Under the Community Health Access Program, you do not have to pay out-of-pocket costs for most of your covered services at Kaiser Permanente’s medical offices and hospitals.




* Continued eligibility for the Community Health Access Program is not guaranteed. We reserve the right to close enrollment or change the Community Health Access Program’s eligibility requirements at any time.

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