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Learn about Your Community Health Access Program Benefits

The Community Health Access Program (CHAP) provides health coverage for qualifying adults and dependent children who don’t have access to other health coverage.

CHAP members:

  • Are enrolled in the Kaiser Permanente MD Gold Value 0/20/Vision or VA Gold 0/20/Vision plan.
  • Pay no monthly premium.
  • Pay no of pocket costs for most covered services at Kaiser Permanente facilities.

Once you become a Kaiser Permanente member, you’ll be able to:

  • Schedule a face-to-face video visit or phone appointment with a Kaiser Permanente clinician.1
  • Manage your health 24/7 — schedule appointments, email your doctor’s office with nonurgent questions, order most prescription refills, see most test results, read your doctor’s notes, and more.2
  • Get support for a wide range of conditions, like anxiety and depression, within Kaiser Permanente for $0 out of pocket — no referral needed.
  • Save time with many services under one roof, like X-rays and pharmacy. Learn more about the facilities in your area here.

1 When appropriate and available. If you travel out of state, phone appointments and video visits may not be available due to state laws that may prevent doctors from providing care across state lines. Laws differ by state.
2 These features are available when you get care from Kaiser Permanente facilities. To use the Kaiser Permanente app, you must be a member registered on For parents using online features for a child, online access is modified when a child turns age 12 due to state privacy laws.

Benefit details

With CHAP you are enrolled in Kaiser Permanente’s MD Gold Value 0/20/Vision or VA Gold 0/20/Vision health plan. These plans includes many benefits, such as preventive care, medication, vision services, and pediatric dental coverage.

To learn more about the Kaiser Permanente MD Gold Value 0/20/Vision plan or VA Gold 0/20/Vision plan benefits, check out the Summary of Benefits and Coverage to see key features of the plan.

  • You can also get a paper copy at any time without charge by calling Member Services at 1-800-777-7902 (TTY 711).
  • You’ll need your plan name, which is stated above.
  • You can also review the Combined Membership Agreement, Disclosure Form, and Evidence of Coverage for the Kaiser Permanente MD Gold Value 0/20/Vision plan or VA Gold 0/20/Vision plan, which provides detailed plan information.

Note: These documents show copayments for services under the Kaiser Permanente MD Gold Value 0/20/Vision or VA Gold 0/20/Vision plan. Copays listed in these documents won’t apply for most care at KP facilities when you’re enrolled in CHAP.

* Continued eligibility for the CHAP is not guaranteed. We reserve the right to close enrollment or change the CHAP eligibility rules at any time. If you are approved for the CHAP subsidy, the subsidy period is limited, and we will contact you in the future to confirm that you still qualify.

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