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Qualify for Community Health Access Program

You or your family may qualify if you live in a Kaiser Permanente service area and meet these age requirements:

  • Reside in Maryland or Virgina
  • Live in a household with an income of no more than 300% of the Federal Poverty Level (for example, up to $36,420 for a single person or $75,300 for a family of 4 in 2018)
  • Have no access to any other private, public or employer-based health coverage

You don’t have to be a legal U.S. citizen to qualify.

Kaiser Permanente service areas in the Mid-Atlantic

You must live in a Kaiser Permanente service area to qualify for the Community Health Access Program. Explore our service areas below.

Please note: the program is open in all Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic service areas except Washington, DC.

We review each member’s eligibility for the Community Health Access Program by regularly sending you a form to confirm your income and other information. If you stop meeting these eligibility requirements, you won’t be able to stay in CHAP. Enrollment in the Kaiser Permanente Gold 0/20 – HMO plan will continue, but you will be required to pay the full monthly premium and your out-of-pocket costs, unless you ask us to terminate your membership.

Other Kaiser Permanente coverage options

If you do not meet the requirements for the Community Health Access Program, financial help from the government could help you get affordable health coverage for you and your family. Other Kaiser Permanente health coverage options include:

A range of other plans are available

If you don’t qualify at the Maryland Health Connection,, or Cover Virginia at, we offer plenty of other choices to help you find the best plan for your family. Click here to find out which Kaiser Permanente Individual & Family Plan best fits your needs. You can also call our National Direct Sales Center at 1-866-329-3468, or 711 (TTY). Please note, you will have to pay a monthly premium for these plans.




* Continued eligibility for the Community Health Access Program is not guaranteed. We reserve the right to close enrollment or change the CHAP eligibility requirements at any time.

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