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Learn about Community Health Care Program

Get health coverage at low or no cost to you

If you’re a California resident without access to other health coverage, you may get high-quality health care through Kaiser Permanente’s Community Health Care Program.

What is the Community Health Care Program?

The Community Health Care Program is for California residents who can’t get any other health coverage. Community Health Care Program members receive a subsidy to help pay monthly premiums, and do not have to pay copays or out-of-pocket costs for most care at Kaiser Permanente facilities.

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Who is eligible for CHCP?

You may qualify for CHCP if:

  • You live in a Kaiser Permanente service area that is open to new enrollment and:
  • You’re younger than 19 with a total household income between 266% and 300% of the federal poverty level
  • You’re over 19 with a total household income over 138% of the federal poverty level
  • Your household income is no more than 3 times the federal poverty level (for example, up to $43,740 for a single person or $90,000 for a family of 4 in 2023)
  • You don’t have access to any other health coverage, including Medi-Cal, Medicare, a job-based health plan, or coverage through Covered California

You don’t need to be U.S. citizens to qualify for CHCP.

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Applying for CHCP

Open enrollment for 2024 has ended, but you can still apply during a special enrollment period if you experience a qualifying life event.

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*Continued eligibility for the Community Health Care Program is not guaranteed. We reserve the right to close enrollment or change the CHCP eligibility rules at any time. If you are approved for CHCP, the subsidy period is limited and we will contact you in the future to confirm that you still qualify.

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