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Learn about the Bridge Program

The Kaiser Permanente Bridge Program:
A Health Care Helping Hand

What is the Bridge Program?

The Kaiser Permanente Bridge Program is designed to help those who are uninsured, income eligible, and actively enrolled with a participating community partner by providing help to pay for a Kaiser Permanente for Individual and Families (KPIF) plan. As a Community Health initiative, we will subsidize the full monthly premium from the time of enrollment until December 31 of the enrollment year*. Coverage under the KPIF health plan includes preventive services, hospitalization, comprehensive pharmacy and more.

*Subscribers may reapply annually at the discretion of Kaiser Permanente if they continue to meet the program eligibility requirements. 

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Who is eligible for Bridge?

You may qualify if you live in the Kaiser Permanente of Georgia service area and meet the following requirements:

  • Actively enrolled with a participating community partner.
  • Live in Kaiser Permanente’s metro Atlanta 20-county service area.
  • Live in a household with an income less than the current income guidelines for 100% of the Federal Poverty Level (for example, up to $14,580 gross a year for a single person or $30,000 for a family of 4 in 2023)
  • Not eligible for other public or private health coverage such as, but not limited to, Medicaid, PeachCare for Kids®, Medicare, an affordable job-based health plan, or financial help through the health benefit exchange.

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Applying for the Bridge Program

To assist in the identification and eligibility determination of potential members, Kaiser Permanente partners with local organizations, schools and workforce development agencies. If you are interested in applying for the Bridge Program, please contact the community partner directly to learn about enrollment opportunities. All enrollment is done through the community partners.

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*Enrollment into the Kaiser Permanente Bridge Program is limited; Kaiser Permanente reserves the right to stop accepting new enrollments at any time without prior notice.

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