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CHP+ Member Resources

Need help with CHP+ eligibility or enrollment?

After you are approved for CHP+, you have 90 days to select a health plan, such as Kaiser Permanente. If you have any problems with your CHP+ eligibility or enrollment, please call Health First Colorado Enrollment at
1-888-367-6557 or 303-839-2120.

Kaiser Permanente CHP+ Member Resources

At Kaiser Permanente, we’re glad to serve as your CHP+ provider and look forward to a long and healthy partnership with you. To make the most of your membership we encourage you to review these documents about your health plan.

If you would like to request a paper copy, please call Member Services at 303-338-3800 (TTY 711).

Kaiser Permanente Expecting or Pregnant Member Resources

As you prepare to welcome your new baby, we’re here to give you the care and support you need for a happy, healthy pregnancy. You’re bound to have a lot of questions, and we have answers, articles, videos, checklists, and resources to guide you through your pregnancy.

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